St. Paul Skyway #7

By Scott Donaldson


Skyway #7 is one of those rare deceptive Skyways. Walking through it, you might not realize you’re passing over Cedar St. (unless you’re looking northwest toward the Capitol, anyway, then it’s very clear). That’s because #7 is also occupied by two retail spaces*, neither of which is located exclusively within the footprint of the Skyway. Both extend into the buildings that are connected by the Skyway. The effect is that it’s difficult to tell, from the inside, where Skyway #7 begins and ends.

From the exterior, however, #7 is not all that different from many other Skyways, although it is at least 2-3 times wider than most. By taking a view from underneath and standing very close to it, I tried to capture some of this depth, especially with the linework and extreme perspective. Stylistically it’s at the opposite end of the spectrum from my drawing of #3, where, from such a great distance, perspective barely comes into play. My first attempt at drawing #7 was from much farther away — I stood on top of the Alliance Bank Center Parking Ramp, directly above Cedar, and maybe 30-40 feet higher than the roof of #7. From that vantage point, the Skyway didn’t seem very wide, and the details of it were very difficult to put onto paper. It made it much more mundane than it is in actuality.

*One current tenant of Skyway #7 is Mildy’s Tax Service. The other, St. Paul Jeweler’s, sadly vacated a little over a month ago.

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